2010–The Last Christmas Tree

The week before Christmas, I decided to put up a tree and get in the Christmas spirit. This is our second year in rural Fulton County. Last year I didn’t buy a tree. I bought one for my daughter’s new apartment instead and just put up lights around our house with other traditional decorations. However, I was able to find trees at several locations in Canton and Lewistown. This year, I assumed the same locations would have trees.
Boy was I wrong! On Saturday, a week before Christmas, we drove into Canton. We could not find any trees for sale. I mean zero. Not even a place that looked like it had sold out of trees. Kroger, Kmart, and Walmart, no trees except artificial. Sunday we drove through Havana, no trees anywhere and no signs of trees. It was strange to me, coming from Peoria, where I have always been able to buy a cut tree at the last minute. We drove back home through Lewistown, and the local market had ONE Christmas tree left!!! A small tree, just right for our small farm house on the bluff. We bought it, brought it home, and I decorated it, and Christmas officially began at our house!


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